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  1. Parents while sending your children to school, especially of the lower Primary and Primary classes, should create safety awareness by advising them not to talk/converse or develop friendship with strangers/persons not known to them. Please advise them not to give your personal information to even known persons without your knowledge.
  2. Parents should always keep track of phone calls and messages being received by their wards on the mobiles and in case of instances where they receive instigating SMS, obscene pictures on mobiles or through any other mode, such instance should be immediately reported to the nearest police station.
  3. In case of emergency for the students, please call the children's helpline toll free No. 1098 which is available 24x7
  4. To avoid any inconvenience, please see that the books/lunch bag/short break snacks are sent with the child itself in the morning.
  5. The use of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs is strictly prohibited and if found, will be dealt as per rules. 1
  6. As a parent you should know your child’s friends and the games they play to avoid any form of sexual abuse.
  7. If your child complains about a particular person, or a situation, take up the matter in an appropriate manner and find out the truth.
  8. Speak openly to your children about different unwelcome possibilities, wherever they go. It can be in your own house, in your relatives' houses, in the school, in the playground, in the bus or any such place where they are in the company of others.
  9. It is always advisable that you go through any new material like cartoons or CDs; you buy for them before they start watching them.
  10. Tell your child never to sit on the laps of boys/men, van or auto drivers no matter what the situation is.
  11. If a lively child suddenly becomes silent and withdrawn, you need to talk to your child patiently to find out if there is something going wrong.
  12. Tell your children never to accept a lift (free ride in a vehicle), any eatable or gift offered by a stranger.
  13. Educate your children about issues related to sex in an appropriate manner as they grow up.
  14. Teach your young children how to wash their private parts properly and tell them never to allow anyone to touch those areas, except by their care - givers at home or at school.
  15. As far as possible, never send your child alone anywhere. Most children get molested or mistreated when they are left alone.
  16. As a school, we assure you that we will take utmost care to ensure the safety of the children while they are in school. However it is our joint duty and responsibility to take care of our children.

Apart from the regular Unit Tests and Term Examinations, Final Examination is held at the end of each the academic session. A child should attend two examinations and two unit tests for promotion. The promotion depends on the child's performance and attendance throughout the year. The average grade obtained by the child in each term is considered for promoting the child to the next class. Please note that promotion from class VIII to class IX will be done solely on the basis of past academic performance and behaviour. The Management continues to reward the brilliant students who secure 90% (for Classes. I-IV) and 85% (for Classes. V-X) in all the Tests and Exams with a Distinction Merit Certificate. Results declared at the end of the year are final in all cases and will not be reconsidered.

Absence from tests and examinations in one or more subjects, without the prior permission from the Principal, shall be detrimental to the interests of the absentee at the time of declaring the promotion when it becomes necessary to apply the aforesaid rules. After every Unit Test and Term Examination, an 'OPEN-DAY' is kept as per the school schedule. All the parents, especially those of the weak students are advised to take maximum benefit of this programme so as to have a first hand knowledge about your wards academic performance and behavioural pattern.

To make Teaching - Learning experience an enjoyable and effective one, we have introduced Smart class for Class I - X. We are confident that this would lead to a whole new learning experience for your ward which arouse interest levels, sharpen understanding of abstract and difficult concepts for better academic performance. An additional fee will be levied for the same

One of the milestones of our school was winning the International School Award from the British Council, which shapes our students to be the global citizens of tomorrow

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