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  1. You are requested to co-operate with the Principal and staff for the effective functioning of the school and the well being of your child.
  2. You are co-educators of the child, so it is essential for you to mould the character of your ward and instil discipline.
  3. It is your duty to see that your child comes to school clean, neatly dressed and in time for the class.
  4. Provide healthy food to your children. 
  5. Kindly avoid giving pocket money to your child while coming to school.
  6. Private tuitions are discouraged. No tuition is permitted from the teacher who teaches the pupil's own class.
  7. All doctors' appointments should be made outside school hours only.
  8. Parents are strictly forbidden to entre any class room or meet any teachers without the permission and sanction of the school authorities for safety measures.
  9. Parents are requested to sign messages, portions and timetable given in the calendar. Failure to do this may put your child to great inconvenience. We earnestly recommend you to look into your child's calendar everyday and see to it that lessons and homework assigned for the next day are done.
  10. Encourage your child to do some errands at home to make her dependent. As your daughter advances in age, guide her to become a resourceful and useful member of the home and country. Which will help her to attain success in life.
  11. Photos taken in the school for any programme is not made mandatory for the students to buy.
  12. Parents are requested to not send any medicine through your wards to the school.
  13. Avoid going on pilgrimages during the school working days.



  1. 1. Every candidate seeking for admission should be introduced in person by their parent or guardian who will be responsible for the in conduct, studies and fees.
  2. Application for admission should be made in the prescribed form and should be accompanied by the Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.
  3. Birth Certificate: The Original Birth certificate submitted at the time of admission to Std. I will not be returned for whatsoever reasons and it is not within our control to make any corrections in the Original Birth Certificate.
  4. Admissions will be closed within 8 working days of the reopening of the school.
  5. No assurance is given that students studying in class VII of this school will be admitted to class VIII as a matter of course. IT WILL BE DONE ONLY ON THE BASIS OF PAST PERFORMANCE AND BEHAVIOUR.
  6.  No Transfer Certificate will be issued to a pupil whose fees are not paid.
  7. Pupils coming from schools outside Karnataka State will be admitted on production of Transfer Certificates duly signed by the inspecting officer’s incharge of the institutions in strict conformity with a table of parity of standards issued by the Department.
  8. Application for Transfer or Conduct Certificate should be made in writing by the Parent or Guardian either at the end of the term or within the first 5 working days of a term. The terms are from June-September and October - April. 7
  9. Pupils joining or leaving in the middle of a term shall pay fees for the full term. They must settle all dues before taking any certificate.
  10. A duplicate copy of any certificate will not be issued without the permission from the DDPI.
  11. Certificate will be usually issued a day after the receipt of the application for the same.



  1. At the time of admission, school fees should be paid in full.
  2. No pupil will be allowed to answer the I TERM EXAM unless all fees are paid up-to-date.
    Note: Fees will not be refunded to parents for any reason during any part of the academic year.
    Computer Education will be imparted from Class. I-X. An additional fee will be charged towards the same.


The School Uniform is Compulsory.
The Uniform for Class X consists of light green pleated pinafore skirt, cream blouse, green shorts, white socks, black shoes, green tie with a monogram and black ribbons The Uniform for Class-I-IX is Robin blue pinafore skirt with white blouse, blue shorts, white socks, black shoes and black ribbons. P.T. Uniform on Wednesdays for Class I - X consists of track pants, squad T. Shirt, white socks, white shoes and white ribbons, and on Saturdays white pinafore skirt with white blouse, white shorts, white socks, white shoes and white ribbons.
Students should wear full sleeved black sweaters, with V-necked collar. Every sweater must bear the student's name. For safety measures ID cards are issued to all the students and it should be worn everyday. The gate pass issued should be produced at the gate whenever the parents visit the school.



  1. Attendance on the first and the last working day of the school after every vacation is compulsory. No request for any leave sanction in this regard will be considered.
  2. In case of continued absence due to illness, a medical certificate should be produced, along with the leave application when the student returns to school.
  3. Students should not attend school if they are suffering from any contagious disease.
  4. Attendance for all National festivals and official school functions is compulsory.
  5. Leave notes duly signed by the parents are to be written in the columns provided for this purpose in the school diary. Reasons for leave should be specified clearly. No student will be permitted to enter the class without the leave note.
  6. Late comers without the written explanation from parents will not be admitted into the class.



  1. Pupils are always expected to be polite in speech and courteous in manner.
  2. Students should remember that they are the ambassador of school and hence behave in an appropriate manner.
  3. Courtesy in behaviour and conversation is the hall mark of an educated person. Words like "Please", Thank you", "May I", "Sorry" should be used in daily conversation.
  4. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed. No student is permitted to enter any classroom without the concerned teachers permission.
  5. All correspondence addressed to the school is subject to scrutiny by the Principal.
  6.  Under no circumstance shall a student leave the school, once the attendance is taken until the end of the session, without the permission of the Principal.
  7. No present/gift may be given to a teacher either in the school or outside the school without the consent of the Principal.
  8. Collecting or borrowing money, buying or selling of any description among the children require the Principal's permission.
  9. Pupils are not permitted to wear expensive / fancy watches/jewellery or carry valuable articles. The school is not responsible for the loss of goods. Books, stationery, tiffin boxes, sweaters etc., should bear the name of the child and the owner is responsible for its safe keeping.
  10. No child will be permitted to be in the class during the assembly and the physical training period s unless permitted by the Principal.
  11. Irregular attendance, insubordinate behaviour, negligence to school work, obscenity in word or act are sufficient reasons for permanent or temporary dismissal of a pupil.
  12. Offences such as damaging school property, writing on the walls, scribbling and scratching on school furniture, will be dealt with. harshly. Damage done accidently even in the laboratories or in the library should be reported at once and the cost of repairs will be borne by the concerned students.
  13. No student should bring razor, blades or any sharp edged instruments to school.
  14. The students who depend on public conveyance to come to school should leave their homes early enough to avoid peak hour traffic to be in school well in time.
  15. Top priority will be given to enhancing moral values instruction and character formation.
  16. Pupils are expected to be on time in their classes for the morning assembly which starts at 8.20 a.m.
  17. Silence in the school premises and in the classrooms should always be maintained.
  18. Pupils are always expected to respect all the staff members.
  19. The school does not hold itself responsible for the pupil's conduct outside its premises.
  20. In case of emergency, the student will be sent home accompanied by a parent on receipt of a written note duly signed by the parent to ensure the safety of the child.
  21. The Principal has the right to confiscate objectionable books, newspapers, periodicals, cameras, cell phones, I pods, personal stereos, C.D. cassettes, pen drive, tablets etc from the student.
  22. All the students must possess a copy of the school calendar which is to be brought to class on all occasions. They are not permitted to tear any page from the calendar.
  23. Students are not permitted to wear Rings/Anklet/Bracelet/Nose Rings/Big bindis, colouring of Hair, Kajal, Watch, Mehandi, Nail polish/Tattoos/dangling or coloured ear rings (Only studs or small rings one on each ear is allowed.)
  24. Misuse Social Networking sites e.g. Face book, twitter, Whats App, for tarnishing the image of the institution, the management, the staff member or another student, Legal action as per the cyber crime regulations will be issued against those who do.
  25. While moving for assembly, games, computer classes the students must go in a single line silently without disturbing the neighbouring classes.
  26. Utmost care should be taken to keep the school premises clean.
  27. Students are not permitted either individually or in group to hold activities other than those organized by the school authority within the campus.
  28. After the school hours, students are expected to go home rather than loitering around.
  29. Coming to school in coloured dress on birthdays is not allowed to avoid distractions. However students are encouraged to donate good books for the School Library.

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